Yesterday our teams celebrated Apartment Teams Day. It was a wonderful time getting to recognize and celebrate our onsite staff and home office for always going above and beyond. This was a day to highlight all of the hard work and dedication for all of our staff on the front lines working through the COVID-19 pandemic.

Carter Haston Ranked #2 on Top 100 Management Companies

We are pleased to announce Carter Haston ranked #2 on Top Management by Satisfacts and ApartmentRatings.com on their Biannual Report that came out in July. Congratulations to everyone.

The epIQ Index is comprised of 4 primary variables, measured over the most recent 365 day period and updated daily. This is their 2nd Biannual Report.

Variables contributing to epIQ include:

We had 4 communities that placed Top 250 Communities in this report. This is a monthly ranking:

Congratulations to these four communities!

#60 Brookson Resident Flats
#102 Enclave at Highland Ridge
#145 Leigh House
#196  Verandahs of Brighton Bay